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When a Shero Loses her Superpowers


What comes to mind when you hear the term ‘Shero’? A woman who is the essence of strength, resilience, and determination—right? Her character is giving and yet a work-in-progress simultaneously. She’s our mother, professional, friend, sister, and entrepreneur all in one. But let’s be real sisters and have a true heart-to-heart. Sometimes being strong on the daily can have a negative effect on our lives, and in hindsight, negatively impact our loved ones surrounding us, as well.

Most Sheros desire to help others but deny themselves the gift of receiving help in return. Is it because we feel that our perception of strength is being stripped away? Maybe it’s because we want to be in control because we sense that’s our only option? Society has placed several expectations on our mothers to be homemakers, working moms, and caretakers all in the same capacity to the point that it’s causing an emotional deficit internally without us even realizing. In alignment with the notion, “that’s what a woman is supposed to do,” but why must we be prescribed these roles when responsibilities can be easily delegated?

We are constantly in Shero mode trying to function as the “Strong Woman.” Eventually, this role can create stress and burnout if not managed properly—particularly for mothers. A mother’s pride is to rescue her kids from situations they will innately learn from by making mistakes. Some mothers are primarily focused on how others perceive them because they aren’t confident that they’re living up to society’s standards.

It’s hard to be everything for everyone without also taking time to heal yourself in the process. Let’s start taking the time to develop realistic goals and standards that are achievable and less stressful overall.

Focus on creating a work–life balance by delegating tasks to others. Allow them to help rescue you from the overwhelming burnout. We have so many strenuous life demands and not enough support. So give yourself permission today to remove your cape and relax.

Crystal Mullen-Johnson, Owner

Strive Counseling Services, L.L.C

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