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The Power of Love: What Does it Take to Maintain a Healthy Marriage?

Updated: May 10, 2019


In the beginning, after you met your partner and vowed to be with them for life, you may not have considered all the challenges ahead of you. The question is, when challenges arise, will you allow them to rock your boat and sink your ship, or will you ride the waves and fight for your marriage?

The power of love should encourage you to communicate, respect, support, and commit to your partner, even during turbulent times. There are some situations—such as abuse—that are unacceptable in a marriage. However, most circumstances can be resolved through communication, validation, and negotiation:

· Communication is an important skill that helps us to maintain intimacy through listening, being supportive, and respecting each other’s differences. Allow yourself to be open to give and receive.

· A healthy marriage should also consist of validation. There are moments when you may disagree, but you should not discredit your partner’s thoughts and feelings or demean their character.

· If you find you cannot overcome a challenge, try to negotiate these issues through a marriage counselor. Negotiation includes learning healthy conflict-resolution strategies, identifying areas of focus, and improving communication skills. Counseling can help you achieve a deeper appreciation for your spouse by cultivating an environment of trust, respect, and acceptance.

Remember, you are committed for a lifetime. Love has the potential to heal wounds and overcome barriers, but only if you are willing to communicate, validate, and negotiate!

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