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Your mental well-being is the cornerstone of personal growth and development. This interactive self-help journal is a valuable tool that will help you develop healthy habits to improve your mental well-being and become a healthier you. Research tells us that frequent journaling can have a positive effect on mood. To get started on your journey towards growth, take the pre-test to explore your strengths and weakness in the areas of the topics outlined in the Journal. See the plan tracker to monitor your daily progress toward self-development for personal accountability. Journaling prompts will guide you as document your thoughts at each stage, and finally, take the post-test to identify your progress. 


Creating a healthy mindset promotes positive self-growth. Join the expert Crystal Mullen-Johnson on your journey of self-awareness and self-discovery to become a healthier you by learning healthy coping, developing self-confidence, nurturing healthier relationships, and improving your mental well-being.

21 Day Journey to Strive for a Healthier You "Paperback"

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